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Putting the Courthouse at Your Desk

The CRS Data story began in 1989 during a visit to a local restaurant where four young minds, not even out of their 20's, found themselves with an idea. The world needed a better way to access property data. Their solution was simple. Make property data easily available in a format that is useful, insightful and intuitive.

Edward Gettelfinger, now the Director of Data Updates and Sales, and the other three original founders soon moved their company to a cluttered kitchen table, and their fledgling vision grew.

The computer industry was young, and "BBS" or Bulletin Board Systems made the perfect vehicle for their new idea. One year later, Al Staley saw the potential the company held. He bought out three of the four friends as well as most of the investors. At the same time, he also purchased a company that provided mapping services and microfiche.

Initially, data was gathered for Charlotte, Memphis, Nashville and upper East Tennessee and was disseminated through slow dial up connections using the old BBS. As people became more comfortable with modems, the system had eager buyers who were able to enjoy the convenience of not having to go to the courthouse to retrieve records.

With the growth of the internet came increased graphic and technological capabilities. CRS Data found itself poised to harness the power of these new advances for their growing customer base in markets throughout the South.


Better Data and Superior Service

CRS Data's powerful collection of suites offers thousands of corporations access to public tax records, sales and mortgage histories, warranty deeds, comps, interactive GIS and plat maps, area demographics, property analyses and much more. Our focus has grown to far more than putting the courthouse at your desk. Rather, we put property information at your fingertips and provide the robust tools necessary to fully analyze, customize and utilize this data for maximum profit.

Our customer base has grown from REALTORS®, appraisers, investors and mortgage companies to include governmental departments, MLSs and more.

Our formula is simple: Provide better data and superior customer service. As a result, we have emerged from being a successful regional company to one that stands out on the national stage.


Innovation to Meet Evolving Needs

As technology continues to advance, so will the capabilities of our suites and services. The horizon is limitless and we could not be more excited for what the future holds.

It is with great pride that CRS Data can confidently claim to be the most powerful and comprehensive tool available for anyone using property records and maps.

To maintain its market leadership position, CRS Data is still expanding both capabilities and markets served, enhancing its design and simplifying functionality to make it even easier to use, to meet the ever evolving needs of its customers.

We look forward to the years ahead and to providing you with the comprehensive data, dedicated service and feature-rich tools that give you the property intelligence you need.

"Totally amazing. I just can’t believe all of the features. Truly a time saving tool." 

KIM MOYER - Keller Williams Realty

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