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Mortgage Records


Though there are a number of important pieces of information real estate agents, brokers, lenders and other similar professionals use to determine whether a property purchase would be ideal for a client, mortgage records may be able to assist their decision-making the most.

Mortgage records can show real estate professionals the past loans paid for a property in a certain area and other comparative market data related to mortgages, which can be useful when looking for the right property.

Real estate professionals typically use these records to gauge what prices their clients can get for residential or commercial properties in a given neighborhood, community or state. Also, agents and brokers can utilize these data to find what mortgages were issued by specific companies and to whom for certain properties. Records of previous title companies and past tax assessments may also be available.

Historical mortgage records can show the trend for property valuations in a given area, so real estate professionals can see the long-term price patterns of properties in the area.

However, some properties may not have as extensive a mortgage history as others. In addition to purchase transactions, a review of mortgage records may also show refinancing or home equity loans taken out on the property to give further details on its price history.

Many homebuyers request agents and brokers discover what type of loans were issued for a property in the past. Finding this information quickly can be a great competitive advantage for these professionals. By using CRS Data's tools, agents and brokers can locate the exact data they need quickly and in detail.

Additionally, lenders and agents can generate mailing lists, in-depth presentations and reports based on the information they accumulate from CRS Data's tool which can be sent out to clients.

Overall, the more relevant mortgage information readily available to real estate agents, brokers and lenders, the better they can do business with prospective property buyers, gain leads and market their companies effectively.

CRS' Real Estate tool can provide sufficient amounts of data about properties that can also prove helpful for real estate professionals, such as tax information, building characteristics and demographic statistics for a specific area.

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