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When looking at available residential or commercial properties on the market, real estate professionals research as much as they can to accurately evaluate homes and buildings clients may purchase. Analyzing property data is typically a top priority for these investors when conducting research.

Checking out critical information about a property is essential for investors, brokers and agents when either looking to buy a property or try to find the properties a client may potentially buy.

Brokers and agents hired by prospective buyers to locate residential properties which fit their needs should explore property records, to review a property's acreage, square footage and other specific details. Likewise, investors looking for homes for sale or commercial properties on the market to purchase attempt to find out similar property information, such as tax assessor property records.

Though these real estate professionals often turn to appraisers to discover property data or head to a county office to go over seemingly endless amounts of records, tools offered by CRS Data simplify and streamline the research process.

Substantial amounts of property data can be found easily through CRS Data's extensive resources. Investors, brokers and agents can figure out market price determinations with custom calculations in CRS Data's tools. Additionally, professionals can examine GIS, aerial, flood and topographic maps to assess risks to the properties.

CRS Data's customers can also compare property information to data from other surrounding properties in a neighborhood or community. Also, property data pertaining to land, title and warranties can be obtained through CRS Data's tools, which can aid brokers, agents and investors with property transactions.

Real estate professionals who want to discover past sales figures for properties can do so with CRS Data's search engines. Should these professionals wish to relay this property information to customers, they can log onto CRS Data's to create thorough reports and presentations.

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COLIN BARRETT - Tennessee Bankers Association

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